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These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") are issued on the basis of the provisions of the Act of 20 March 2009 on mass event safety, published in Dz. U. 2009, No. 62, as amended, (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") and other regulations, the provisions of which have a direct impact on the organisation of the Event and its course. The Regulations are issued by the organiser of the Event under the name: "K-POP STARS FESTIVAL" , The organiser of the concert is the company STAGE ART. LTD 13593711 322 HASELBURY ROAD, ENGLAND, LONDON, N9 9AP
2. These Regulations are directed to all persons who will be on the Event Venue during the Event. Every person present on the Event Venue during the Event is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Regulations. Taking part in Event is equal to accepting the provisions of these Regulations. 3.
3 The following terms used in the Regulations will have the following meaning:
a. "Event Venue" means the fenced off area where the Event is conducted or any other place to which the Event may be moved for valid reasons and which will be made public prior to the Event. The Event Venue will be divided into sectors, access to which will be determined by the Organiser in these Regulations;
b. "Ticket" means the original, individual permission to enter the Event Venue - in the appropriate sector provided for the public. The Ticket on first entry to the Event Venue will be deselected in the electronic system to identify that the Ticket has been used to enter the Event Venue and to prevent another third party from using it again to enter the Event Venue.
c. "Event Participant" means a person attending an Event on the basis of a valid Ticket, invitation or ID issued by the Organiser. Participant of Event can be a person of full legal age or a minor, with the reservation that minors under 16 years of age can participate in Event only under the care of a legal representative or other authorized adult and at their sole responsibility, upon signing by them, prior to entering Event, a statement that they are fully responsible for the aforementioned minor. Each participant, regardless of age, is required to have an admission ticket to the Event Venue.
d. "Minor" is a person who is under 18 years of age (in accordance with Article 10 of the Civil Code)
e. "Law Enforcement and Information Services" means, among others, the employees of a security agency of persons or property appointed by the Organizer to take care of the safety of persons participating in the Event, including the control of the Entrants' authorization to enter the Event Venue. Members of Security and Information Services have badges placed in a visible place, which include: name of the exhibitor, identification number and facial image, expiry date, exhibitor's stamp and signature;
f. VIP tickets/ invitations are treated in the same way as sector tickets.

1. The Organiser will designate areas to which access will be limited or possible only for the Organiser's guests and services.
guests and services of the Organiser. Areas not designated for the public include in particular: backstage area, production area, artists' dressing rooms, and technical and organisational premises. 2.
2. The Organiser shall ensure the safety of persons present at the Event and maintain order during the Event, by, among others:
a. Order and Information Services distinguished by their dress code;
b. Providing medical assistance and hygiene and sanitary facilities;
c. Information points located throughout the venue
d. FAN zone
3. the Event's Participants and all other persons who are in the Event's Area
3. Participants of Event and all other persons who are at Event Venue are obliged to obey the orders of Security Service. Refusal to obey these orders may result only from their being in contradiction with the commonly binding law. Minors participate in the Event at the sole responsibility of the persons who have custody over them.
4.Event's Area will be supervised and controlled by employees of Security Service in order to prevent people from bringing in weapons and other dangerous objects, explosives and pyrotechnic products, fire hazardous materials, gadgets which are dangerous, flammable products, alcoholic beverages which are not allowed in Event's Area by the Act and intoxicants or psychotropic substances, as well as to verify the observance of epidemic safety rules and conditions by individuals present in Event's Area.
5. The Event's Participants as well as any other persons staying at Event Venue are obliged to behave in a proper way.
5. Participants of Event and all other persons staying at Event Venue are obliged to behave in a way which does not endanger the safety of other persons present at Event Venue. Event and, in particular, observe the provisions of the Rules and Regulations. It is forbidden to damage
destroying greenery, littering the area, destroying signs and information boards, advertising media, devices and equipment located at Event Venue, etc. Participants are obliged to use the sanitary facilities only for their intended purpose. 6.
All persons present at Event Venue are obliged to carry a valid ticket and the identity card specified in the Regulations. In the case of an information bracelet, it must be worn on the wrist.
7 It is forbidden to bring and possess during the Event:
a. weapons or other dangerous objects,
b. explosives, pyrotechnic products,
c. Fire hazardous materials,
d. food, with the exception of persons whose health condition requires it and will be confirmed by a medical certificate,
e. alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
f. tripods of any kind, selfie sticks, GoPro cameras
g. Drones
h. Laser pointers,
i. glowing decorations of any kind such as wands, bracelets, sticks, etc.
j. narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances
k. professional photographic and video cameras. It is permitted to bring in only
only mobile phone cameras (no restriction on the number of megapixels), compact cameras (a typical compact camera is equipped with a non-removable lens, fixed or zoom)
l. it is forbidden to bring suitcases, bags, travel bags, backpacks and other items exceeding the size of 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm into the area of the event m. drinks, water with caps, glass bottles, glass jars, glass containers
8. without the knowledge and consent of the organiser, it is strictly forbidden to record or record the concert by any method whatsoever during the event. In the event of non-compliance with the aforementioned prohibition, security services or venue staff have the right to remove the person in breach of the prohibition from the event area. 9.
9th It is forbidden to bring dogs and other animals to the Event Venue and to carry out any commercial or other gainful activity in the Event Venue without the Organizer's authorization.
10. Due to the COVID-19/ pandemic epidemic and epidemiological threat, each Event Participant is obliged to comply with the epidemic safety rules and conditions valid as of the date of entry into force of these Regulations. The Organizer stipulates that, as part of or in connection with the Event, there may be restrictions and requirements in this respect, other than those currently in force, including those specified by third parties (e.g. the entity renting the facility or area where the Event takes place) - the Event Participant will be informed about their details in advance (e.g. in an email, on the Organizer's website, when purchasing a Ticket, before entering the Event's area or during the Event, also through relevant announcements.
11. Organizer, within the scope of the Act and executor provisions, is entitled to record the proceedings of the Event, in particular persons' behaviour, by means of sound and image recording devices.
12. Security Guards and Information Service, wearing an identification tag displayed in a visible place, are entitled, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, to:
a. Checking and confirming the entitlement of persons to participate in Event and, in case such entitlement is found to be lacking, refusing them entry to Event Venue or summoning them to leave Event;
b. Identify persons in order to establish their identity,
c. inspect the contents of a person's baggage and clothing, in case of suspicion that the person brings in or possesses objects referred to in chapter II, item. 7 of the Regulations,
d. give instructions to persons disturbing the public order or behaving in breach of the Regulations, and in case of failure to comply with such instructions - order them to leave the Event;
e. e. apprehend, in order to hand them over to the Police immediately, persons directly threatening the property entrusted to their protection and persons committing criminal acts;
f. verify the observance by persons staying at Event Venue of the principles and conditions of epidemic safety specified in appendix no. 1 to the Regulations and to take actions specified in this appendix.
13. the Security Service is obliged to remove from Event Venue any persons whose behaviour disturbs public order or who behave against Regulations.
(14) A member of Security Service confirms a person's right to be at an Event by:
a. checking if the person has a valid ticket, invitation, ID,b. comparison of the presented document confirming the data from the ticket.
15. in case the content of the inspected luggage or clothing contains items which are prohibited to bring and possess at Event, a member of Security Service refuses to let the person in possession of such items enter the Event or removes him/her from the Event Venue without reimbursement of the ticket price.
16. the rights specified in item 15 above are also granted to the members of Security Service also in case a Participant of Event does not comply or does not comply with the rules and conditions of epidemic safety.

1.Pursuant to the currently binding Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 06 May 2021, as amended, on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and prohibitions in connection with the occurrence of an epidemic condition, Chapter 3 - Restrictions, prohibitions and orders in force in the area where an epidemic condition has occurred, § 9, section 19d), the organiser shall comply with the rules contained in the Ordinance.
2.In accordance with the requirements of the ordinance, up to 250 unvaccinated persons and 29,750 vaccinated persons may be present in the event area at the same time.
3.The Participant is obliged to complete and present to the Order and Information Services a written statement of the COVID-19 vaccination. Failure by the Participant of the Event to submit the statement specified in the regulation will result in refusal of entry to the Event, without the right of complaint or other claims
4 The Participant is obliged to complete and hand over to the Order and Information Services a written statement of his/her health condition in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak condition. Failure by the Participant of the Event to submit the statement of health condition will result in the refusal to exchange the Ticket for a wristband, and consequently in the refusal of admission to the Event, without the right of complaint and other claims.
5 Admission to the Event Venue shall not be granted to the following persons:
a. a person who refuses to submit to the activities referred to in Chapter II, Item 12, letters a - d
6 The Event Organizer may refuse admission to an Event and stay at Event Venue to persons:
a. not in possession of a Ticket,
b. under the visible influence of alcohol, psychotropic drugs or other similarly acting substances,
c. possessing weapons or other objects, materials, products, beverages, means or substances referred to in Chapter II of the Regulations
d. behaving aggressively, provocatively, rudely or in any other manner posing a threat to the safety or order of the Event,
e. wearing unsafe clothing (e.g. shoes with metal endings)
f. in possession of whistles, trumpets or other noisy gadgets,
g. whose physical appearance makes identification impossible,
h. in possession of plastic or glass containers, cans, etc., i. in possession of other dangerous objects,
j.not in possession of an identity document,
k. not meeting or not adhering to the rules and conditions of epidemic safety, The assessment of objects as dangerous is at the discretion of the Security Service.
6.Entry to Event Venue is granted to persons holding a Ticket. Leaving Event Venue by a person during the Event results in forfeiting the right to re-enter Event Venue. 5.
5 Entry to the Event Venue can only be gained by a person who is at least 18 years of age on the day of the Event. Subject to clause I.3.c. in order for minors to enter the Venue, they must bring the following documents:
a. proof of identity (identity card, driving licence or passport, school or student card)
b. a photocopy of the parent's identity card (identity card, driving licence or passport) c. a signed consent of the parent for the child's participation in the Event and a statement of the legal representative or a person authorised by him/her to take full responsibility for the aforementioned minor.
7. Tickets may only be sold at the price printed on the Ticket. It is forbidden to resell Tickets at a price higher than printed on the Ticket. It is forbidden to resell Tickets at auctions, auctions, competitions, promotional campaigns, raffles, for profit resale outside authorised points of sale, etc.
8. Destroying a Ticket causes its invalidation and loss of the right to enter the Event Venue.
9. A Ticket purchased in breach of the Regulations may be invalidated by the Organizer, without the right to a refund.

1. The purchased Ticket cannot be exchanged or returned. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Event without prior notice. 
2. the Organizer reserves the right to determine changes in the course of the Event for justified reasons, e.g. Force Majeure, certain orders or prohibitions imposed by law or other acts, including decisions or guidelines issued by authorized bodies, in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, etc., and furthermore the right to change the programme of the Event in terms of art and time without prior consultation.
3. The Event Participant or any other person on the Event Venue may be exposed to continuous exposure to sounds that may cause hearing damage. Intense stage lighting (strobe effect) will be used during the Event. Hologram shows will be used during the Event, which may appear to be real. Participants in the Event participate at their own risk. Pregnant women and people with epilepsy are at particular risk.

4. The Organizer records the proceedings of the Event for the purpose of documentation and promotion/advertising of the Event as well as other undertakings of the Organizer and the sponsors of the Event. The images of persons staying at Event Venue may be recorded and subsequently disseminated for documentation and reporting purposes of Organizer, to which the participant consents at the moment of entering the Event Venue.

1 Any complaints can be submitted in writing or electronically, no later than 7 days after the end of the Event, to the following email address:
2. the Organiser shall consider complaints submitted in accordance with point 1 within 30 days from the date of their delivery to the Organiser by registered mail. The condition to pursue any claims is the exhaustion of the complaint procedure referred to in this section.

20 March 2009 Dz. U. 2009 No. 62 item 504
1. whoever fails to comply with the order issued by the Police or Military Police, at the place and during a mass event, shall be subject to a fine of not less than PLN 2 000.
2. Whoever fails to comply with an order issued under the Act, the regulations of the facility (area) or the regulations of a mass event by security services or information services, shall be subject to a fine of not less than PLN 2 000.

1. All rights to the name and logo of the Event are reserved for the Organiser. Official programmes and gadgets of Event will be sold exclusively at Event Venue or in points of sale authorized by Organizer. 2.
2. official programmes and gadgets will only be sold at Event Venue. 3.
3. Officially, water will be sold at Event Venue (only plastic bottles unscrewed at the purchaser or paper cups). 4) Officially, water will be sold at Event Venue (only plastic bottles unscrewed at the purchaser or paper cups).
4. Food will also be sold at Event Venue.

5. Organizer is not responsible for the consequences of Force Majeure. Force Majeure is defined as an event beyond the Organiser's control which makes the performance of obligations impossible or which may be considered impossible due to the existing circumstances. Force Majeure includes, in particular, atmospheric conditions, breakdowns or disruptions of equipment supplying electricity, heat, light, epidemics, acts of war or actions of state or local authorities in formulating policies, laws and regulations affecting the performance of obligations.
6. Sponsor status for the Event is granted solely by the Organiser.
7. These Regulations are available on the website.
8. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Act and the Civil Code shall apply.
9. The Regulations shall come into force on 10.06 .2022.

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