*If not us, then who? The fans, of course! Let's have a flash mob! There will be a tutorial on our social media and website soon! Keep an eye on us! Stay tuned! :) 
*If you are an admin of a fandom group, please Facebook us or email us at fandom@kpopstarsfestival.com! We'll collaborate and put together some great surprises for the artists.




Korea is a leader in technology. It should not be missed by us either. Join us for presentations of the latest Korean technological developments at specially prepared stands.


This is the time to dance! Let's warm up before the concerts and dance to the rhythm of k-pop :) We also invite you to RANDOM PLAY DANCE.



We'll make you feel like you're at the World Cyber Game! Join us for the StarCraft tournament. More information coming soon.


Learn about the best Korean dishes with us! What do you fancy? For the most popular starter kimchi? How about Tteokbokki rice noodles in a spicy sauce? And for more hunger, we recommend bulgogi :) All this will be at your fingertips! We invite you to the food zone to try fantastic street food dishes. For the thirsty, there will be no shortage of Korean drinks.



There is nothing better than relaxing under a cloud to the rhythm of Korean music. The perfect time and place to relax.
노래방 - do you know Korean karaoke? Sure you do! Feel like a star singing Korean hits. Everyone can sing with us :) You can't miss it! It's show time!


Enter the world of games and slot machines. It's a good idea to have fun with friends and a date like from a k-drama :) Unforgettable emotions guaranteed!
Come along to the educational zone, where you can learn not only about the history but also interesting facts about Korea and K-POP.



K-POP STARS FESTIVAL is a 3-day celebration of K-Pop music and the Korean atmosphere of the center of Europe. 
It's performances by legendary stars and a real journey to and through South Korea.
Here you will discover your own Seoul, feel part of the iconic fandoms, and get to know better the culture that created k-pop and the idols that perform on the world's most important stages today.

During 3 days, twelve top bands with one headliner will perform on the main stage. Polish cover bands will perform before the concerts. There will be an opportunity to get to know the partners' organizations. On the second day of the festival (Saturday 8th of July), choreography stars straight from Seoul will provide you with great fun in the form of dance lessons which will make you feel like a performer. The choreography developed during this workshop will appear during the concert, so everyone will be able to dance together.

Throughout the festival, a Korean Festival Village will be set up within Bemowo Airport: traditional food, e-sports, technology, and entertainment at the highest level.

If you want to know more, visit our Social Media!


Lotnisko Bemowo jest największym obiektem imprezowym w Polsce i znajduje się w najlepszej infrastrukturze logistycznej w Warszawie. W obiekcie odbywają się wieloformatowe imprezy, festiwale, koncerty, a także kilkudniowe imprezy muzyczne. Lotnisko Bemowo znajduje się około 20 minut od centrum Warszawy, najlepszych hoteli. Posiada własne lądowisko dla mniejszych odrzutowców oraz prywatne lądowisko dla helikopterów na wypadek transportu artystów z hotelu na koncert. Na Bemowie pojawiły się takie gwiazdy jak: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Taco Hemingway, Mata, Lenny Kravitz, Behemoth, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Mastodon, Volbeat, Devin Townsend Project, Machine Head, Gojira, Kasabian, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 30 Seconds do Marsa, Korna i Rammsteina, Slayera, Metalliki, Megadeth i Anthraxa.

O obiekcie


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